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A carbon-free renewable energy world makes good business sense. Replacing the old and antiquated energy grid with smart renewable technology will need much more than a magic wand or even quick and easy legislation....it needs planning.


The new energy grid will need long term planning that starts with each building, the building's grid ISO, and micro-grid technologies. We have not encountered a building without sizable opportunities to improve cash flow, NOI, tenant comfort, and tenant retention.


Our projects can often solve long-term maintenance issues within the scope of the retrofit. We know that building managers, owners, and executives do not have the time or expertise to develop these opportunities.


GEMM can quickly shape the scope of your building's potential for savings by assessing energy, demand, water, stormwater, and maintenance costs. We combine engineering, finance, and management strategy to produce a development plan any executive team can act upon.



We will partner with the professional, the end user, or the energy team depending on who is driving the project. We constantly work with our extensive network to build toward the integration of resources. 


We help sort through the many  analyses of the ideas and studies that have already been done on a facility, and actually turn them into executable projects. We take building operators' "wish lists" as a starting point and provide creative solutions.


Few firms in the industry match our experience with real life technical, financial and legal responsibilities. Understand, our experience is on BOTH sides of the power supply - the utility side and the building side. We know how to integrate the two. As a  network these services expand to meet your needs.


Our plans are more comprehensive and deliver added benefits like resilience in the face of outages. Our depth of experience and network means that we can provide customized solutions that are the best for the building and organization.  



There is a great chasm in the industry.  Utility engineers often lack knowledge of building functionalities, and have no idea of how buildings work on a detailed level.  Likewise, regular building professional individuals have little understanding of how the grid actually works. Those who specialize in building operation are commonly unaware of the depth of grid technology. Most are unaware of the economics of energy transfer.


Our goal is to help engineers fill in this gap in understanding to create a more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient society.  Our company's leaders have experience on both sides of the engineering - the building and the grid. We continuously study the latest technologies to provide the most optimum investments. This is what we do and this is who we are.



Originally established in March of 2019, industry leaders developed GEMM as a way to discuss energy grid changes. Professionals within utility organizations noticed their companies gave them little time to focus on grid integration projects.
The common thread was that while the environment is important, they were to focus on things that make money for the company 'now' - the environment would just have to wait. Companies’ focus on short term monetary gains rather than long term monetary and environmental efficiency was the problem. 
These professionals decided to work full time to dig deeper into the many issues surrounding this fundamental problem of environmental de-prioritization. They found customers needed people who had our collective experience and understood that efficiency retrofits and micro-grids provide true monetary value.
Not only does the building owner benefit, but the tenants do as well. Our team can optimize any building's value with the right mix of custom efficiency, resilience, micro-grids, and maintenance strategies.

We look forward to continuing our journey toward making the environment a priority in the energy industry by creating actionable plans. We will demonstrate how these plans bring economic benefit to your company, as well as an environmental benefit to the world around us.