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Founder Experience

While serving six years in the United States Army Reserves, GEMM founder K. Scott Sine PE, MBA (Scott) earned a Penn State Architectural Engineering BAE degree. Scott embarked as Design Engineer at JDB Engineering (JDB) quickly elevating to Department Head at 28 years old, and responsible for eight seasoned engineers.


Primary markets of focus included commercial, government, healthcare, higher education, industrial / manufacturing, and research/life science throughout this journey.


In 2000, Scott became Chief Engineer of one of the nation's leading Design/Build firms, H.T. Lyons. Scott established a consulting-like in-house engineer group that took on challenging projects with turn-key responsibility.


As Manager of Technical Services, Scott became fluent in masterplanning, construction / bid development, turn-key budgeting, facility infrastructure assessment, and construction - focused technical feasibility studies. 

Scott became one of the first LEED registered in Pennsylvania as a 2.0 LEED Professional and was an essential piece in organizing arguably one of the industry's best 3D Revit modeling groups.


Maintaining sole Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) and sprinkler engineering responsibility at Grand Plaza, Scott and his team delivered one of the first of two LEED Gold buildings in the country (pre-platinum rating).


The Grand Plaza not only garnered the top LEED rating available at the time, it did so utilizing a fiscally responsible REIT budget in an era where like buildings had extensive budgets.


The design delivered 24 first-of-its-kind engineering feats garnished national recognition from ASHRAE and HPAC magazine. Throughout Scott's H.T Lyons tenure, he and his team remained one of the leading providers of Pennsylvania Registered LEED and Energy Star designs.

As Director of Energy & Engineering Services from 2007 – 2012, Scott was afforded an outward-focused position responsible for technically driven project development, dealing  directly with clients. Scott was tasked with masterplanning projects, not just the technical aspects. Scott was point of contact for clients in the data center, heavy industrial, commercial office, government, and many other arenas. Scott advanced HTL’s energy services division to the point of receiving Services Division Profit and Loss responsibility from 2012 to 2015.

During the transition years to ENGIE, Scott became more national-focused. Scott's responsibilities included U.S. business development of complex energy saving, generation, and resilience. Finding creative funding solutions came along with the territory.


Additional roles involved partner development, staff training, and technical "go-to" for complicated ENGIE N.A. microgrid and cogeneration projects across 30 states.


Further, Scott was instrumental in developing an innovative air handler (AHU) product line with industry-leading efficiency rating and savings until the air handling unit manufacturers had a chance to catch up with our industry-leading designs.


Scott enjoyed pushing the industry in many aspects. He pioneered many in-house customized designs of boilers, cogeneration, and AHUs by using an "on-a-skid/packaged' mentality, which minimized unit delivery challenges, installation costs, occupant inconvenience, project turnaround time, and overall cost.


The COVID shutdown gave Scott a chance to take this on-the-job, cutting-edge education to the industry by developing a new product that provides the above experience into a single actionable package.

"Meeting the strict Regulatory and Corporate initiatives needed to achieve net zero emissions requires more than modifying existing energy consumption, rather a re-envisioned reality where the building and the grid “breath” in unison. This “smart building” will no longer simply be a consumer of power, but a healthier, more resilient, compliant, and profitable asset. 

 ~ Founder & CEO K. Scott Sine PE, MBA

"Achieving net-zero emissions requires a re-envisioned reality where 'smart' buildings and the grid 'breathe' in unison." ~ GEMM Founder K. Scott Sine PE & MBA
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