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Lehigh University, Seeley Mudd Laboratory

Lehigh University -
Seeley W. Mudd Lab

5-story building 10 week rehab integrates
VAV system affording ~30% savings




Bethlehem, PA




Owner CapEX

Project Intensity


Annual Energy Savings



K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Engineer of Record

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Prime Contractor

H.T. Lyons

Construction Manager

H.T. Lyons


GEMM Founder K. Scott Sine PE, led H.T. Lyons engineers in avoiding existing duct system failure that would have resulted if renovation plans proceeded.  Due to chemical erosion in the Seeley Mudd Laboratory, a new system was needed.

Lehigh University approved the new rehab with Strobic fans and Phoenix System’s  added.  This 5-story rehab had to be precision accomplished with 10 weeks of summer vacation and ready for class the first day of school! The engineering team integrated with the construction management teams to lay out the entire construction schedule. The building opened on time with a system that reduced 50% of the energy utilized by the previous system.


The design used a system equivalent to a high-performance variable air volume system which adjusted within a second of lab student or professor use. The system was fully commissioned with a life-size mannequin simulating a lab operator.  These systems have become common now for labs, but were still groundbreaking in early 2000’s. 

The ceilings had to entirely come down and ductwork replaced in a near-impossible construction schedule, delivered with expert success.

Lehigh University is a leading private school in education within the entire country.  Lehigh University is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has over 7,000 students.

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