Meet The Team

K. Scott Sine, CEO & Founder

Scott has nearly 20 years on the utility construction side of the business after a decade in consulting. He started his energy savings focus with the hallmark PPL Plaza in 2001- one of a handful of buildings in the country able to be LEED registered and hold an Energy star rating for over a decade. Scott's latest endeavors create business for consultants and contractors alike, using energy related initiatives such as Net-Zero, microgrid, all- electric and unique financing solutions. These energy services opportunities have become a major business component to our Healthcare, University, Industrial, and Commercial clientele. In his personal life, Scott is the proud father of four beautiful young ladies and a wonderful British wife, Jessica.

Scott has passion to help save a struggling planet. Therefore, he played a
principle role in forming the GEM network as one of the many needed solutions to get this planet spinning in the right direction.

Sam Klein


David Gonzalez

President GEMM DC

Khalid Malik

Executive Officer

Leahanna Sine

Marketing Director

Euri Beltre

President GEMM MD

Chris Sevren

IT Director

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