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New Normal Solution

Covid-19 safety precautions have brought endless difficulties to buildings and their occupants. The "New Normal" is going to be full of awareness on sanitation and health to stop the spread of Covid-19 variants and other viruses.

GEMM has a Ventilation-As-A-Service Program to optimize ventilation usage that can be tied into our NO COST actionable plan. GEMM keeps records for the building owner to have access to fresh air status and prove they are maintaining a safe environment.

We're able to provide this due to GEMM engineers who have been adjusting to "New Normals" throughout their careers. The HVAC and energy business have been hit hard with weather, ozone, global warming, and legionella to name a few. Covid-19 is one more challenge that GEMM is prepared to face.

GEMM is ready to prepare your building for new safety demands at NO COST to you.

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