Our Approach, Solutions, and Goals

We believe this planet needs to become significantly more energy efficient by 2050. To take the world where it needs to go there cannot be tweaks to the existing energy consumption, there must be a re-envisioned reality. This is a reality where the grid "breathes" with the building. The future building is not just a taker of power, but also a wonderfully integrated asset to a much larger community. It will be highly intelligent but the end users won't be any more inconvenienced than they are today as all of this intelligence will happen behind the scenes.


The Electric Grid Challenge


The grid is in more trouble than many people know. The grid itself is largely antiquated.  Many of the nuclear plants are past their useful life.  Most of the coal plants are shutting down. Despite a growing renewable contribution, the fact is we are still very reliant on power generated by traditional fuels.  Our society is replacing that power with wind and solar...both which have the unfortunate characteristic of being intermittent.  Battery storage will change that, but storage is still not cost effective enough to be a panacea. This results in the grid inherently becoming more unstable as the grid becomes more renewable. The Duck or Nessie curves in Hawaii and California illustrate the problem of renewables gaining momentum in being a primary power generator.  Building managers operate buildings unaware of the ability of the power company to service their needs. We are professionals who understand both sides, the utility's capacity and building's needs. We endeavor to make the future buildings and future grids communicate and work in unison.....this will not happen naturally without hard work and great technical and financial planning. Our team has decades of experience helping buildings and the grid interact seamlessly. 


Our Solution and Approach


We have best-in-class technical solutions to synchronize the building and the grid. This requires a grid specialist + a building control specialist. Over decades we have developed engineering standards and practices no one else has in our industry. Our calculations are geared toward taking detailed results and turning them into big picture metrics. We have real life experience that will allow us to get within 10% of a budget after doing a simple walk-thru...guaranteed. Our approach from the time you meet us is just different.  We come across as down-to-earth guys you hopefully want to hang out with...but have solutions that the most state-of-the-art company develops. Our solutions are rooted in who we are and how we think.


Our Goals


We won't stop until the world is at peace with its surroundings.  This will be a lifetime task to be sure. Until the entire grid - worldwide - is transformed to a modern smart-grid, we simply will not be satisfied. We are motivated, we are passionate, and our main goal is to help you.