Perhaps you are unaware of the term "Masterplanning." We have years of experience supporting architects with laying out the best way to run a college campus, or lay out the best plan for a hospital. GEMM applies this architectural concept to the way a building or campus uses energy. We find more often than not customers have energy audits sitting around the office collecting dust because the audit was great information but was not executable. Giving a customer technical ideas and a simple payback is only the first step of actually putting together a plan. 


Building management often has multiple studies with multiple different goals. Projects can be driven by deferred maintenance, tenant comfort, or organizational sustainability goals. How should they be arranged?  What should happen first? When? What are the cash flows?  What are the rebates? How about the tax incentives? What effort will there be to collect the money? When can I count on it? What is the best way to get the most optimized grid costs? There are so many questions and realities that must be faced when addressing an overall strategic plan. Our company is full of technical and economic strategists.  We cannot wait to help you have the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing in the right order.


Appropriate Budgeting 


With other companies, our clients have felt the despair when their budgets are over 50-100%. We can guarantee that won’t happen with GEMM because our team has decades of experience putting together construction budgets.  Our early numbers are rarely off by more than 10%. We are willing to guarantee our budgets. We are confident about what we propose. We use industry established construction grade budgeting for our services.


Financial Strategy  


We get this industry. It is extremely complex. Understanding the rebates, tax incentives, grid incentives, and performance programs is only part of the battle. The best plans are meaningless without a financial partner. Each finance program (PPAs, ESAs, C-Pace, etc.) has its own challenges and are all very different models with very different strategies. The financiers can be family offices, banks, investors or other creative financiers. We know how to get you money for your project  If there is a will, we will find a way.  We put these strategies into cash flow commitments. These commitments explain how and when to acquire the funds.  Simple payback is only one financial test, and we bring a full suite of analysis to finance that best suits your organizations' goals and situation. Higher Ed, Hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings all have different financial realities. We design the finance to meet your organizations' needs.


Executive Support


Executive support is one of our most popular offerings. Communicating the benefits of energy projects to the entire management team can be a challenge. We tailor our plans to your organizations specific needs and decision making processes. We help you sell an idea to your own organization. We create custom charts and projections any executive would be happy to own and sell to their team. Executive support on projects has helped our customers save time and accomplish their financial and energy operations goals. 

Owner's Representatives


Do you want your own CM to construct the project you have used many times before but know deep down inside he/she really needs some help making sure this complex energy project goes well? In reality, all your internal staff is too busy and doesn't really have the experience to make sure this projects are done correctly. We can help.  We have construction backgrounds from companies that take responsibility. We can work on your behalf and oversee the project and guide approvals and oversight to any level you deem necessary.


Engineering and CM

We have strategic relationships over many parts of the country. We feel our network of installers and engineers is the best available regarding these projects.  Our network  extends into the US, Puerto Rico and Canada at this time, and we have worldwide contacts.  We can use your go-to contractor or CM, or we can provide a turn-key solution for this type of complex project.   We can guide you as much as you need with our CM and engineering network.  We always take full responsibility for a project from engineering to execution. We tailor our services to your needs.