Can Microgrid Technology Save Our Planet?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In short, yes. The amount of energy that is waisted every portion of a second on Earth is impeccable. With the proper use of microgrid technology, energy would only be used when it is needed. This type of waste-free environment is almost unimaginable to humans today.

Now meet Emory Hill- one of the most recent companies to use GEMM for its microgrid expertise. Here, we'll be using a foundational microgrid that's easily compatible with everyday business buildings. That's right, everday buildings. So something special about this project is its potential to design a repeatable structure throughout the United States. This means we're taking steps towards making a waste-free world possible. With contracts being finalized this week, we're look forward to keeping you up to date as we move forward.

Caitlin Madera, energy program manager from Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) stated on multiple occasions that she is very excited for this project. She thinks it can be an example for the state of Maryland, and beyond!

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