Maryland Shopping Malls Seek Microgrid Analysis

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Maryland has been doing its fair share in taking steps towards a sustainable environment, and they want GEMM's help! They are asking for a masterplanning analysis from GEMM to provide them with legal, financial, and architectural strategies.

What's their goal?

To have shopping malls all around Maryland rely on microgrids. This allows for a self-reliant grid that uses clean energy. Green Turnkey Inc. is asking GEMM to perform an analysis on behalf of Maryland to ensure this approach makes good business sense.

Why should Customers care?

Microgrids allow for electricity to generate without relying on outside energy sources. That means, when a storm hits and everyone's electricity goes out...yours won't! I don't know about you, but chaotic power outages are definitely something I'd want to avoid.

While this is clearly a great solution for energy efficiency and customer satisfaction, it can be tricky to implement this system. That's why they're asking for GEMM's experience on laws and procedures to help microgrids become more easy to choose as a successful solution.

So stay tuned as your shopping becomes better of our Earth!

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