The Future of Cars are Electric

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I sure hope we all know that the future of cars is electric. We all want Earth to continue sustaining life, and most of us are taking the steps to get there. Yet, simply having an electric vehicle only solves the surface issues... what about all of the wasted electric energy that continues to emit large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere?

This is where GEMM steps in. With a shot at an eco-friendly future, why not do it right the first time? This is very possible if we take advantage of the grid's dynamics and look at it in entirely new way. We would not only be reducing CO2 levels, but also recycling the energy used by these vehicles. This would be a multi-billion dollar grid enhancement that will be in alignment with what the planet needs. Clients of GEMM are currently in the process of negotiating this. Negotiating a world in which everyone can take part in improving the planet by simply taking advantage of the grid's intelligence.

K Scott Sine, CEO of GEMM says, “If successful, this deal will truly will

revolutionize the grid as we know it.”

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