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Scott Sine, founder of GEMM, roots his experience in past projects with world-class firms. Scott Sine had business cards as the Director of Energy and Engineering Services for ENGIE M.E.P, H.T. Lyons Inc, and T.M.I - all wholly owned subsidiaries/sub-subsidiaries of ENGIE North America. Scott Sine was asked by over half a dozen ENGIE NA subsidiaries/sub-subsidiaries to represent them at various team meetings. This experience allowed Scott Sine to be the technical expert for the lighting, HVAC, co-generations, controls, and renewable systems on behalf of the various team presentations to 'investment-grade' firms covering many different industry types.


Past Experience Projects


Scott Sine developed and made strategic expert decisions for hundreds of projects throughout his career.

Three landmark projects are noted below - the first two were performed under Scott's previous employers and companies he represented.




This is the first LEED Gold building (before platinum ratings existed) with fiscally reponsible commercial money in the United States. Scott was responsible for all of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler engineering. The upgrades had to be paid back in less than 4 year return on investments in an era when energy saving upgrades had not yet reached their maturity, making it difficult to meet such challenging financial goals. The PPL Plaza, at one time, was one of two buildings in America that was LEED registered and kept an Energy Star status for at least 10 years. There were over 24 'firsts' of its kind in the subject building.  The engineering team received recognition nationally in ASHRAE and in HPAC magazine for our achievements.

PPL Plaza - Allentown, PA

San Remo Building - New York City, NY

If you want a famous building, look no further than the San Remo building in Manhattan. It's one of the most famous buildings in NYC that you will likely know by image if not by name. Scott Sine presented the need for a co-gen system to the San Remos inquisitive board along with the cash flow to aid in making crucial economic decisions. Thanks to these upgrades, the system led to a fully operational building during a partial NYC blackout in 2020. The San Remo is now resilient in case of a power outage and that resiliency is saving them hundreds of thousands a year. 

















NAI Emory Hill Properties -  Annapolis and Hanover, MD

If you are wanting to go micro-grid, look no further than NAI Emory Hill properties in Maryland. The State of Maryland loves this project and has promoted it on its website. This project takes a regular every-day office building and re-envisions the future. The project has a near net-zero electrical energy costs AND will be a cashflow positive project from day 1. No money had to come out of the landowner's pocket, and the owner gets about a million dollars of tax credits and rebates during the first year. This project truly shows the value of a good masterplan. Rey Montalvo, the CEO of CED, dreamed of the possibility of the project, and GEMM has the honor of helping the project become an executable reality. The project is still in the construction phase....but to quote the financier "I do these type of projects all over the country and there is absolutely nothing like this going on anywhere else - at least not to this extent."

NAI Summit Image.jpg



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