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1010 Wisconsin Office Building: Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency

Identifying the Hurdle

The 1010 Wisconsin Office Building is a commercial real estate building that houses numerous businesses. Like many other buildings in today’s age, the 1010 Wisconsin Office Building has been faced with rising energy costs. The challenge was to do this without disrupting the operations of the businesses housed within and to ensure that any changes would result in a positive cash flow from the first year and throughout the project.

  • GEMM crafted a strategic design to future-proof the Wisconsin Office Building, ensuring its adaptability and resilience for the years to come.

  • A meticulous energy audit strategy was rolled out to address WOB's energy challenges.

  • The plan includes a projected 38% reduction in energy costs and the complete electrification of the building

Setting the Stage for Sustainable Success

With GEMM's strategic input and implementation, the 1010 Wisconsin Office Building is on the path to being well-equipped for the future. This change in the building's energy infrastructure will lead to a substantial reduction in energy costs while securing a positive cash flow from the beginning. This case marks another step in GEMM's mission to support businesses in their journey toward a more energy-efficient and sustainable future. We're eager to see the impact this project will have on the 1010 Wisconsin Office Building and look forward to sharing more updates soon.

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