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Baseball Stadium


GEMM can help you with your energy needs, we believe theaters sports arenas, and everything in between are made to captivate audiences. These spaces often have complex energy needs. Our specialized solutions are meant to combat these unique requirements, ensuring that your venue is not only energy-efficient but also provides an unparalleled guest experience.


By implementing smart lighting, optimized HVAC systems, and real-time energy monitoring along with other things, we help you create a sustainable yet thrilling environment. GEMM is committed to helping entertainment venues achieve both their energy and guest satisfaction goals.

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Roman Theatre

Entertainment Venue Energy Solutions for Enhanced Guest Experience and Sustainability

  • Smart Lighting Systems: Implement dynamic lighting solutions that enhance the guest experience while saving energy.

  • Optimized HVAC Systems: Utilize intelligent climate control systems that adapt to varying crowd sizes and weather conditions.

  • Energy Audits: Conduct comprehensive energy audits to identify inefficiencies and recommend actionable improvements.​

  • Sustainable Building Materials: Choose eco-friendly construction materials that contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

  • Waste Management: Implement efficient waste management solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

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