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1200 G Office Building in DC: Setting New Standards in Commercial Real Estate

A Model for Energy-Efficient Commercial Real Estate​

In DC is a commercial building, the 1200 G Office Building. 1200 G is progressive and already had a fairly high energy score at the beginning of this study, our main goal was to have them avoid all future fines and significantly lower their energy score. This building has been a business hub since the early 90s, and like many others in today’s time, they are facing the issue of increasing energy costs. They sought a way to combat this challenge without compromising their business operations.  The objective was not only to reduce energy consumption but also to ensure that the solution would be cost-effective.

  • GEMM undertook a comprehensive energy study and formulated an electrification plan specifically for their building.

  • GEMM's strategy was not only about energy conservation but also about future-proofing the building. As part of a $1 million renovation project, one of their inefficient units was revamped.

  • The expected outcome of GEMM's involvement is a sustainable solution leading to at least a 26% reduction in the energy bill.

Anticipating the Impact: Beyond Just Numbers

This project is more than an energy-saving initiative; it's about pioneering a sustainable future for commercial real estate and so much more. The anticipated outcome for the 1200 G Office Building is not just significant cost savings but the conversion into a model for energy-efficient commercial properties.

This journey with the 1200 G Office Building is just one among many. Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way in energy-efficient solutions for diverse industries.

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