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22 West Condominiums D.C.

Unraveling the Challenge:

22 West Condos is an established residential complex in Washington D.C. In 2009 a year after they were built, the building received the RADA grand award for best multifamily design in the United States. Even a very well-established building such as this was facing this common issue which is high energy costs. Additionally, they were going to be hit with very high potential fines. The mission was to significantly reduce energy consumption and avert fines, all while ensuring the solution was resulted in a positive cash flow from the first year and throughout the project.

22 West Entrance.jpeg
  • Conducted a comprehensive energy study tailored to the needs of 22 West Condos.

  • Proposed a plan to cut energy consumption by 78%.

  • Projected impact includes a shift in energy-efficiency standards for residential properties, significant cost reductions, and avoidance of potential environmental non-compliance fines.

Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

This endeavor with 22 West Condos marks another step in GEMM's mission to promote energy efficiency across various industries. We continue to pioneer energy innovations in real estate and beyond. Stay connected as we progress in our journey towards a sustainable future.

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