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Blommer Chocolate

Multiple Chiller plants covering a 750,000sf. facility consolidated into a single 2800-ton plant




Food Processing


Allentown, PA


Owner CapEX

Annual Energy Savings


Project Intensity



K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Engineer of Record

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Prime Contractor

H.T. Lyons

Construction Manager

H.T. Lyons


North America's largest cocoa processor and ingredient supplier Blommer Chocolate retained ENGIE MEP subsidiary H.T. Lyons to consolidate multiple chiller plants throughout a ¾ million sq. ft. facility into a single expandable 2800-ton district cooling plant. Maintaining full 24-7 plant operation and a roof unable to support new chilled water mains posed significant challenges.

In response, GEMM founder K. Scott Sine PE developed a network of telephone pole type hangers to be installed in conjunction with the new water mains. The system had many different temperatures, high delta T’s, open / closed portions of the loop, and different pressure allowances.

Many first-of-its kind solutions were utilized to deliver a creative flow diagram that maximized energy savings, while using heat off the condenser to help alleviate high head pressure on the compressor during switchover and startup of the chillers.


These innovative and highly efficient designs achieved 50%+ annual energy savings and maximum utility incentives of over $500,000+. 

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