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C-PACE (Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy) is one of the many innovative funding strategies GEMM offers, but the one we most highly recommend. C-PACE is low risk, high reward, proves excellent return on investment, allows for flexible balance sheet treatment, and many more benefits.

What is C-PACE

Available for new and ‌Retroactive Projects

C-PACE is a State-level policy that classifies clean energy upgrades as a public benefit – like a new sewer, water line or road. It encourages property owners to access capital for ener­gy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects through a long-term financing agreement with little to no up-front costs. C-PACE financing covers up to 100% if eligible project costs through a voluntary assessment on the property, and is paid through the owner's property tax bill. 

C-PACE can also re-finance projects that have recently been completed or are under construction, freeing up capital for your core business operations and additional projects.

How C-PACE Works

  • Programs enacted by states and municipalities 

  • Funds up to 100% eligible costs or 20-30% of total building value

  • Financing repaid overtime via voluntary assessment added to property tax bill

  • Non recourse: private loan is secured by tax assessment, not property or guarantor

  • Senior to all other debt (including mortgage)

  • Can provide low-cost alternative to developer equity or mezzanine debt

To see if C-PACE is available in your area

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