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C-PACE (Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy) is one of the many innovative funding strategies GEMM offers, but the one we most highly recommend. C-PACE is low risk, high reward, proves excellent return on investment, allows for flexible balance sheet treatment, and many more benefits.

What is C-PACE

Available for new and ‌Retroactive Projects

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a financing program that enables commercial property owners to make energy-efficient and renewable energy improvements to their buildings with no upfront costs. Under the program, a property owner can access long-term financing to pay for eligible improvements, which are then repaid through a special assessment on their property tax bill. C-PACE financing is designed to help commercial property owners reduce energy costs, improve building performance, increase property values, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

C-PACE can also re-finance projects that have recently been completed or are under construction, freeing up capital for your core business operations and additional projects.

How C-PACE Works

Programs are enacted by states and municipalities 

Funds up to 100% eligible costs or 20-30% of total building value

Financing repaid overtime via voluntary assessment added to property tax bill

Non recourse: private loan is secured by tax assessment, not property or guarantor

Senior to all other debt (including mortgage)

Can provide low-cost alternative to developer equity or mezzanine debt for new construction projects

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What's Eligible for C-PACE Financing?

HVAC Equipment & Controls

Solar PV 

Building Envelope, Windows, Roofing, etc.

On-Site Power Generation



Indoor Air Quality

Building Automation

There are many more eligible improvements and some that differ by state to adjust for different climates and extreme weather events. The primary aim of  C-PACE is to promote sustainable building practices that present mutually beneficial opportunities for building owners, developers and communities.

Why Use C-PACE?

  • Long-term, fixed-rate financing

  • ‌Up to 100% funding on energy, wellness, and resiliency improvements 

  • Avoid high-cost debt

  • Reduces risk with non-recourse funding

  • Increases net operating income & property value

  • Increase energy savings

  • Contribute to a more sustainable future 

  • Meet Benchmarking requirements with no upfront costs

  • Positive cash-flow year 1 guarantee with GEMM as your C-PACE finance advisor

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