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GEMM Digital Founder

Samuel Klein 

A Leader in Sustainability

We take this moment to honor and remember a key part of our company's success, Samuel Klein. An innovator, educator, and tireless advocate for sustainable design, Samuel's vision and leadership have been the bedrock upon which GEMM stands.

From organizing 'Becoming Greener' at Arcadia University in 2015 to receiving the prestigious New Jersey Preservation Society Award for Green Building in 2010, Samuel's career was filled with dedication to sustainability. As a key member of the Einstein Board of Directors until his last days, his influence and commitment extended beyond our organization, leaving a profound impact on the wider field.

He left an indelible mark as a panelist at NYSAFAH in 2013, a presenter on multiple occasions, including the International Codes Conference at Villanova University in 2011, and as an author with an excerpt in 'Sustainable Residential Interiors' in 2014. As a reviewer for the EPA Municipal Codes Tool Kit in 2010, his analytical and critical thinking helped shape policy and practice in our field. Since then, Sam made progressive achievements in successfully implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in residential and commercial markets and led the nation in developing the LEED® market. Sam founded GEMM digital in 2020 to make it efficient and accessible for all buildings to go green. 

Continuing His Legacy

Sam was extremely passionate about his work and a great leader. Everyone at GEMM was touched by Sam and remember him as an honest, accepting, and incredibly intelligent man. Sam's legacy will continue to inspire us. Every project we undertake, every solution we devise, carries a piece of his passion and extraordinary commitment to improving our world. His numerous accolades stand testament to the significant impact he made in the realm of sustainable urban planning.


We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Samuel's spirit, dedication, and impact will continue to resonate in the work we do, the difference we make, and in the communities we serve.


Rest in peace, Samuel Klein. You will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. Your legacy will continue to guide us as we strive to realize the sustainable future you envisaged.

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