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Tierpoint Tekpark TEK

Masterplan / design / build for 58,300 sq. ft. 
data center expandable to 90,000 sq. ft

Date &  Location

2009 - Breinigsville, PA

Project Intensity



Data Center


Owner CapEX


K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Annual Energy Savings


Lead Engineers

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Mike Eustice PE - H.T. Lyons

Engineers of Record

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Mike Eustice PE - H.T. Lyons

Prime Contractor

H.T. Lyons

Construction Manager

Ondra Huyett


GEMM Founder K. Scott Sine PE, (Scott) masterplanned the design and construction of a 58,300-square-foot Tier 2 data center, expandable to 90,000 sq. ft. (122,000 sq. ft. presently). Scott, Lead Engineer and Engineer of Record, responsible for an energy efficiency focused design and equipment selection making DBSI / Tierpoint Tekpark TEK one of the most efficient data centers on the East Coast.  Tierpoint had a 3+ level of redundancy with a 400 wt/sq. ft. expandable design, almost unheard of at the time. Scott came up with a modular double loop redundancy design to have a minimal first cost, with an expandable future capability. Any piece of equipment can fail, and the system will still stay operational.


The design was affordable and set up for future success. There was a lot of time spent Masterplanning, with over 24 building energy models created in order to optimize the system and enhancement selection. The investment into an expandable and energy efficient design was wildly successful. The owner was able to quickly sell the tech company to a much larger tech company with added value due to the expandable design which had both free air side cooling and water side economizers.  When fully completed, ~87% of the year was able to leverage free outside air that would have otherwise required chillers. 


Many of the expandable modules have already been added and the facility is growing into the original plan with great success.


In July 2012, DBSi was acquired by Xand, a data center roll-up backed by private equity firm ABRY Partners. In December 2014, Xand was subsequently acquired by TierPoint. TierPoint operate 40 data centers across the country with 2020 annual revenue of $215 Million.

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