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Fundamental Challenges

Most mid-market buildings consume nearly twice the energy they need, with no resiliency for the next grid failure. Often lack of time, guidance, and capital pose challenges limiting energy projects to simple lighting retrofits, if at all. Traditional capital investment based solely on simple payback and return on investment adds further hurdles. Transitioning green investment into sound business decisions requires a paradigm shift from traditional methodologies.

GEMM breaks the mold by approaching these projects with our unique Integrated Design and Financial Energy MasterplanningTM

Industrial Smoke

"Meeting the strict Regulatory and Corporate initiatives needed to achieve net zero emissions requires more than modifying existing energy consumption, rather a re-envisioned reality where the building and the grid “breath” in unison. This “smart building” will no longer simply be a consumer of power, but a healthier, more resilient, compliant, and profitable asset. ~ Founder & CEO K. Scott Sine PE, MBA

"Achieving net-zero emissions requires a re-envisioned reality where 'smart' buildings and the grid 'breathe' in unison."
~ GEMM Founder K. Scott Sine PE & MBA
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