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New York City Local Law 97 Explained 

In New York City, buildings contribute to two-thirds of the city's greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the government has implemented a sustainability initiative, known as Local Law 97.

Primary Goals 

  • 40% reduction in building emissions by 2030.

  • 80% reduction by 2050.


Aeriel View of New York

Impacted Buildings

  • NYC buildings exceeding 25,000 sqft.

  • Properties with two or more buildings on a single tax lot, totaling more than 50,000 sqft.

  • Condo associations that govern two or more buildings with a combined total exceeding 50,000 sqft.

Maximum penalties for exceeding emission limits amount to $268 per ton of CO2 beyond the set threshold.

Failure to submit reports incurs a monthly charge of $0.50 per square foot until the report is received.

LL 97 Pathway_edited.png

Recent Updates

Adjustments Application Updated to January 1, 2025

Who qualifies for adjustments?

  • Non-profit Healthcare  Facilities and Special Circumstances can apply for adjustments.

  • Special circumstances include 24-hour operations, health and safety operations, high-density occupancy, energy-intensive technologies, and more.

  • The adjustment for annual building emissions for 2024-2029 is 70% of the 2018 emissions.

  • To qualify, emissions must exceed 2024 limits by over 40% and be due to a special circumstance.

DOB New Set of Rules Published September 12, 2023

Fines Mitigated for "Good Faith Efforts" for 2024-2029 Compliance Period

  • Building electrification efforts in addition to existing benchmarking and GHG reporting mandates

  • Submitted decarbonization plan in addition to existing benchmarking and GHG reporting mandates

  • Implementing recommended Energy Improvement Measures

  • GEMM assists building owners in understanding and meeting compliance requirements.

  • Provides Energy Masterplans to mitigate fines

  • Provides expertise to save both money and time for building owners.

How GEMM Can Help

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