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Each location had unique accessibility challenges, with some multi-level facilities built mostly underground. Given no “down time” during construction was permitted, upgrades to the various sized chiller plants and some boiler plants had to also be “designed around reality”; a specialty of Scott and his team.


These innovative solutions also replaced existing energy intensive multi-zone equipment with uniquely arranged more highly efficient models. The resulting 50% annual energy reduction complemented the Constellation ESCO funding model repaid through these savings.

Constellation Energy is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation; a Fortune 100 energy company with the largest number of electricity and natural gas customers in the U.S., with 2020 revenue of $33 billion.

Port Authority of New
York & New Jersey

Chiller & boiler upgrade funded via
Constellation ESCO Model

Date & Location

2015 - New York, NY

Project Intensity


Engineer of Record

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons


Dave LaFaver - Constellation

Prime Contractor

H.T. Lyons




Constellation ESCO model

Annual Energy Savings


Construction Manager


Sub - Contractor

H.T. Lyons


The Port Authority of NY & NJ wanted to upgrade administrative buildings at the George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing. Phase 2- HVAC Renovations were awarded to Constellation Energy, one of the nation’s largest energy providers, Energy Solutions Companies (ESCO) and trade ally of both H.T. Lyons and Trystate Mechanical; subsidiaries of ENGIE MEP.  

Constellation Energy retained GEMM Founder K. Scott Sine PE, (Scott) to help refine the masterplan and provide the turnkey design/build systems to make the desired energy savings a reality.

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