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GEMM March Newsletter

Updated: Mar 29

Keeping you informed on the latest in renewable energy and sustainability.

Welcome to the March edition of the GEMM Energy Monthly Newsletter. We aim to bring you the latest in renewable energy advancements, highlight sustainability efforts, showcase GEMM's current projects, and provide valuable insights for a brighter, more sustainable future.


30,000 Homes Powered: Vineyard Wind Marks a Historic First for U.S. Offshore Energy

Vineyard Wind has just started delivering power to the grid from five of its 62 turbines off Massachusetts. This makes it the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the U.S. to begin operations. With just five turbines are generating 68 megawatts which is enough to power 30,000 homes! When fully operational, the wind turbines will power over 400,000 homes and businesses and reduce carbon emissions by over 1.6 million metric tons annually. Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has highlighted the clean energy transition milestone​ saying this, “marks a turning point in the clean energy transition.”

Source: AP News 

Wind farm off the Massachusetts coast begins delivering steady flow of power


Market Trends Indicate that Indoor Air Quality is a Rising Concern Among Faculty Managers

Facility managers across various sectors are increasing their focus on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) to create healthier and safer spaces for occupants. This shift in focus goes beyond pandemic-related concerns, going deeper into things like effective operations and maintenance programs, balancing occupant needs with facility constraints, and addressing external factors like wildfire impacts.

IEQ is crucial in affecting occupant health, comfort, and productivity. Since personnel costs dominate organizational expenses, improving the indoor environment can significantly influence productivity. IEQ includes indoor air quality (IAQ), thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort—all vital for how occupants perceive their workspace.

For IAQ, strategies involve managing air quality through source elimination, increased ventilation, and effective air filtration. Discussions are evolving around the optimal levels of outdoor air intake and filtration to enhance occupant wellness, with a trend towards higher ventilation rates and better filtration to improve health and cognitive functions. The emphasis is on using air filters with appropriate Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings to effectively filter out particulates, odors, and contaminants, ensuring a healthier indoor environment

Source: Facilities Net

Why does Indoor Environmental Quality Matter to Facility Managers?


GEMM & Volvo Update

GEMM recently delivered an actionable Energy Master Plan for Volvo that exceeds sustainability goals set by their headquarters in Europe. While details are still being finalized, we are optimistic about the potential to transform Volvo's facilities into models of innovative energy efficiency. We will continue to provide updates as our conversations progress, with a shared vision of advancing environmental stewardship and sustainable development within the automotive industry.


GEMM Featured on Radio Show 

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, GEMM's CEO, Scott Sine,P.E, and Project Developer, Bruce Wilson, had the honor of being featured on WDYI (88.1 FM) in Lehigh Valley Business Beat. Hosted by Sally Handlon, the show is renowned as the definitive source for discovering business insights and critical issues affecting the Lehigh Valley.

In the episode, Scott and Bruce go into the origins of GEMM and its start along with the company's core functions. They discussed how GEMM operates within the energy sector, emphasizing its practical involvement from financing projects to navigating government incentives.

Furthermore, Scott provided a glimpse into his recent partnership with Volvo North America, hinting at exciting developments underway.

For those interested in hearing the full discussion and gaining deeper insights into GEMM's impactful work.

You can listen to it here


We're excited to continue this journey with you, by sharing news and insights on sustainability and progressing our path toward a better future. Stay tuned for our newsletter next month.

Best Regards,

Nabil Rezqui

Grid & Energy Masterplanning


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