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Riverside Condos, DC: Paving the Way for Sustainable Living

Riverside Condos: Navigating Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Riverside Condos is a 9-story building that was constructed in 1965. As we progress into a new age of sustainability they face a dilemma many real estate properties have been running into, high energy costs.  Another detrimental issue they were running into was looming fines that could hurt their business greatly. This residential complex is home to a vibrant community so they sought a viable solution to stop these issues without ruining the quality of living for their residents, as well as avoiding putting themselves into debt. 

  • Conducted an in-depth energy study for Riverside Condos.

  • Created a high-efficiency geothermal system designed to reduce energy consumption by 93%.

  • Set a new standard for sustainable residential living and avoid environmental non-compliance fines.

  • Projected a significant decrease in energy bills and positive cash flow from year one.

A Vision for the Future 

Stay tuned as Riverside Condos undergoes essential updates. Through our geothermal system, we are addressing energy consumption and setting a path towards sustainability.

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