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St. Luke's UHN

500-ton chilled water supply nearly doubled to 800-ton with no downtime to critical 24/7 operations






Phillipsburg, NJ


Owner CapEX

Project Intensity


Annual Energy Savings



K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Prime Contractor

H.T. Lyons

Engineer of Record

K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Construction Manager

H.T. Lyons


St. Luke’s Universal Healthcare – Warren NJ Campus (formerly Warren Hospital) challenged ENGIE MEP subsidiary H.T. Lyons to increase a 500-ton chilled water supply to 800-ton within an existing indoor space with undersized piping capacity, and no downtime to critical 24/7 operations.

GEMM founder K. Scott Sine PE (Scott) masterplanned, designed and was fully responsible for engineering a pressurized loop system commonly used in the sprinkler industry, into an innovative solution for a hospital. This unprecedented approach was high risk given the lack of time and budget to remove all the old loops without impacting operations.

Insufficient space in the existing chiller room for the new system posed additional challenges resolved through a creative support platform and mezzanine design that prevented the hurdles of room expansion.

A unique energy management control program was created, downloaded and installed while the chilled water system in the hospital remained fully operational. During the download, all new equipment had to maintain continuous data reporting so as to not impact hospital functions.

Scott’s innovative solutions eliminated costly downtime and additional expense, with the incremental benefit of 20%+ annual energy savings.

St. Luke's University Health Network is a nationally recognized non-profit network of 16,000+ employees providing services at 12 hospitals and over 300 outpatient sites throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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