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Courtesy of Bloomberg

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The San Remo

Cogeneration and back up systems afford full operation during 2020 NYC partial blackout




Central Park West, NYC

Project Intensity



K. Scott Sine PE - H.T. Lyons

Prime Contractor

Trystate Mechanical


The San Remo is co-operative high-rise (28 story) residential building, home to high-profile celebrities and the backdrop to many iconic feature films. ENGIE MEP subsidiary H.T. Lyons was retained to address energy cost reduction, cogeneration and energy resilience for this historical landmark property.

GEMM founder K. Scott Sine PE, (Scott) masterplanned the project and worked closely on the design with GEMM President of Consulting Mike Eustice PE. Scott presented the innovative solution to The San Remo board and residents, supported by a positive cash flow analysis to facilitate timely and favorable decision making. 




Owner CapEx

Annual Energy Savings


Engineer of Record

Mike Eustice PE - H.T. Lyons

Construction Manager

Trystate Mechanical 

The project utilized 65 kW micro-turbines, backup power for select critical systems, and thermal recovery for boiler feed-water and domestic hot water. The space constraints in the historic building and rigging hurdles from congested Manhattan streets added unique complexity and challenges. Fellow ENGIE MEP subsidiary Trystate Mechanical did a stellar job managing the high-profile project.

This sound green investment delivers over $200,000 energy savings per year, is eligible for grid revenue streams and was one of the only buildings in NYC to remain fully operational during the 2020 partial NYC blackout, ensuring tenant comfort, safety and security.

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