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Uniondale School District: Igniting a Brighter Future through Energy Efficiency

Investing in Sustainable Learning Spaces

Located in New York is a fairly big school system, Uniondale School District. They are providing a rich education for roughly 7,000 students helping transform their futures. Uniondale cares about its students along with their environment and wants to create the best environment possible to learn. 

In this community, Uniondale, New York, the local school district wants to improve its district on many metrics, with those being its carbon footprint and overall environment. The rising energy costs were proving to be a major problem by straining their budget when it did not need to. Alongside all these initiatives, we wanted to do it in the most cost-effective way that would guarantee them being cashflow positive throughout the course of the project.

  • Created a forward-thinking plan for not just the present but also the future.

  • Conducted an in-depth energy study across eight schools within the Uniondale School District.

  • Committed to significant cost savings and an environmentally-friendly school for the future.


Follow our Journey 

Uniondale is just the beginning. We're excited to see where this journey will lead us next. Stay tuned as we continue to make strides in these ambitious projects... 

Want to find out more about our work, or how we can help you light the way towards a brighter, more energy-efficient future? Let's start the conversation today.

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