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Grid +Energy 

Better Buildings, Better TomorrowTM

NO COST Financial + Technical Solution In One Actionable Masterplan

Masterplanning: A comprehensive strategy to overcome the social, physical, and financial challenges of delivering a better building, for a better tomorrow.

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The Fundamental Problem

Most buildings consume nearly twice the energy they need. A majority of them have comfort and maintenance issues owing to years of operating budgets being slashed in challenging economic times.


Building owners really want to make their buildings better! Nationwide owners have thousands of ASHRAE II studies and they sit on the shelf collecting dust....


The Fundamental Problem is building owners and operators are stuck!   They want to do the right thing but can't.  At the end of the day, the Net Operating Income (NOI) just didn't make sense from a business perspective.....UNTIL NOW!


Investing in the environment makes business sense. Our team delivers a holistic approach to building management. We are experts in project development, and real life budgeting of energy grid related projects. Our projects improve NOI, tenant comfort, and reduce energy consumption to meet municipal, state, and federal energy, water, and resource efficiency regulations.


Let us help develop an energy/water/demand reduction strategy, and show your executive team how investing in the environment makes good business sense.

Our Solution

GEMM has come up with custom and quick methods to allow you to make the RIGHT BUSINESS DECISION....which is to upgrade your building.

GEMM provides:

1.  Faster project financial evaluation than anyone on the market. 


2. An integrated financing package

which most consider off-balance sheet. 


3. Local connections in most major markets in the North East, Mid-Atlantic, and Research Triangle.


We have personal passion for our practice, and are proud of the metric tons of CO2 we save.  We have a proven history of producing building design projects which positively impact the environment through energy and water savings. Our team includes one of the first and most successful LEED Faculty, and millions of square feet of more comfortable, healthier, and more efficient buildings.  

Our Services

Let us help with a master plan for your portfolio.

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From corporate sustainability plans to project proformas.


Let us help

We will develop project budgets within your firm's criteria.


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We keep your interests at the forefront through the entire project.

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We work with the most effective financial products in the market.

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Our team has experience managing projects from concept to completion.

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