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Enhance Your Building's Performance and Profitability with Energy Consulting and Engineering

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Introduction to GEMM

Introduction to GEMM

At GEMM, we're dedicated to enhancing your building's energy performance. Our team of sustainable energy experts provides customized technical and financial solutions to help you achieve your sustainability goals seamlessly and cost-effectively.


Are you ready to boost your building's value, improve your bottom line, and reduce your carbon footprint? Let's make it happen!

Masterplan: A comprehensive plan outlining the technical & financial components of a project with the expert guidance and support for execution.

Four Pillars of GEMMMasterplannng

GEMM's Masterplanning Solution

GEMM transforms your project goals into a profitable reality. We streamline the four key services below to ensure your project's success.

How GEMM can help executives

GEMM assesses the best strategies and resources to satisfy Ownership, Occupant & Environmental needs and educated decision making. GEMM develops the required technical & financial documentation for complex project components, working independently or collaborating with client advisory teams and trade allies.

Executive Support

Executive Support
Energy Planning & Technical Advisement 
We help you with you finance in all aspects of your energy transistion.

GEMM investigates energy-focused funding solutions for the upfront design, custom tailoring the best strategies to achieve short & long-term technical, financial, balance-sheet and legal objectives. GEMM will either work alongside your financier or use someone within our network to secure the client’s best suited financing package.

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory
Arrange Specialty Financing For New & Existing Buildings
GEMM Grid+Energy can help you with figuring out what you can actually do

GEMM specializes in the technical aspects of energy masterplanning by encompassing various disciplines. We diligently assess building conditions, evaluate energy and wellness improvement measures, and deliver an actionable path forward, ensuring long-lasting sustainability and optimal performance.

Technical Planning

Technical Planning
Energy Infrastructure Assessment & Design
Diamond Masterplan Process

Diamond Masterplan Process


GEMM’s Diamond Masterplan Process    optimizes infrastructure and implements Energy Improvement Measures for mid-market and larger properties.


  Viability   Assessment

 Building Analysis

Project Development

Execute Project

Maintenance & Commissioning

Discuss project   ESG, technical & financial needs   and "wish list" to prequalify initial viability and next steps.

Identify energy  improvement measures for project cost, savings and cashflow analysis & reporting.

Finalize project goals, support team & contractor collaboration, funding solutions and strategize compliance requirements.

GEMM will validate project completion benchmarks, ensuring goals and objectives are delivered through our commissioning process.

Manage long-term maintenance contracts ensuring  performance meets green initiatives, validated by annual ESG & savings reports.






Project Data




Average Energy Savings


Average Increase in Asset Value


CapEx or Debt Charge


The GEMM Guarentee


If GEMM’s Masterplanning process is followed, we will cover any Regulatory noncompliance fines (e.g. Local Law 97) for up to three years from project completion (not to include any historically accumulated fines before completion).

Positive cash flow year 1 and project term with use of GEMM funding strategies.

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 GEMM Highlights

Growth to 14 States Since 2021

100+ Years
Executive Leadership

42 Certified 
Project Developers

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