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GEMM December Newsletter

Updated: Jan 11

Keeping you informed on the latest in renewable energy and sustainability.

Welcome to the December issue of the GEMM Energy Monthly Newsletter. We aim to keep you updated on the newest developments in renewable energy, sustainability initiatives, spotlight GEMM's ongoing initiatives, and offer insights that contribute to a better future.


GEMM Insider

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) administers the Clean Green Schools Initiative (CGSI) that aims to transform under-resourced public schools into healthier and more sustainable learning spaces. The program funds studies for comprehensive infrastructure improvements that reduce energy consumption, decarbonize buildings, enhance indoor air quality, and foster clean energy educational opportunities.

GEMM is a supporter of this initiative and has been engaged by multiple school districts to assess the technical and financial feasibility of these projects. GEMM’s team met with NYSERDA and received compliments on its Master Plan approach due to its effectiveness in maximizing funding and innovative financial incentives, paving the way for achievable net-zero goals.


Renewable Energy Achievement News

As of recent a huge milestone was made for renewable energy: Portugal successfully powered its entire country using solely renewable sources for an entire weekend. The country generated a total of 172.5 GWh of electricity, predominantly from wind (97.6 GWh) and hydroelectric (68.3 GWh) sources, along with a contribution from solar energy (6.6 GWh). This production not only covered its own energy needs but also allowed for the export of excess electricity to neighboring Spain. This milestone underscores Portugal's growing reliance on renewable energy, previously achieving similar feats in 2016 and 2018. The case of Portugal serves as a leading example in the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. When looking at this feat it is quite remarkable in showing us that we are on the right path to a more sustainable society. To read more, see here.


Bonus Incentives in Pennsylvania from PPL Electric Business Savings

Big News for 2024:

Starting January 1, 2024, a limited-time bonus incentive for LP4 and LP5 customers.

Qualifying projects submitted by June 30, 2024, will receive an additional $0.06/kWh on top of standard incentives last year.


  • Lighting, HVAC, and Compressed Air Upgrades: Receive $0.05 + $0.06 for every kWh saved.

  • Chillers, VFDs, and Process Controls Upgrades: Receive $0.06 + $0.06 for every kWh saved.

Keep an eye out for PPL’s latest incentives here.

How to Attain ENERGY STAR® Certification for Your Commercial Building: 2023 Deadline December 8th

Elevating Standards: Commercial buildings that earn the ENERGY STAR certification rank in the top 25% in energy efficiency among similar buildings nationwide. On average, these buildings consume 35% less energy than typical ones showing increased sustainability.

Key Eligibility Criteria:

  • Performance: Your building must achieve an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher.

  • Location: The property should be in the United States, U.S. territories, Canada, or owned by the U.S. government.

How to apply:

  • Start with Portfolio Manager: Begin by entering comprehensive property details into the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

  • Designate Your Team: Choose the right contacts for your application, including a primary contact and a Licensed Professional (LP) for verification.

  • Detailing for Recognition: Select the type of recognition decal you prefer and review your eligibility thoroughly.

  • LP's Seal of Approval: A crucial step involves an LP’s site visit to ensure accuracy in energy reporting and adherence to ENERGY STAR standards.

  • Final Submission: Complete the electronic submission to the EPA, and stay updated on the application status.

Your Building's Future: Achieving ENERGY STAR certification not only signifies environmental stewardship but also positions your property as a leader in energy efficiency. To see the full Document click here.


Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI) News

Recent initiatives under the Grid Modernization Initiative include $3 million in funding for Tribal Colleges and Universities to transition to clean energy, over $13 million for connecting Puerto Rican communities with solar and battery storage, actions to strengthen clean energy supply chains, a $42 million investment in research and development to improve the power grid's reliability and resilience, and efforts to modernize the grid in economically disadvantaged communities. Could these two colleges end up setting a decarbonization standard for all colleges in America?

(Department of Energy) - Read Article


AI Is Revolutionizing Power Grid: Enhancing Efficiency and Resilience

This MIT technology review talks about how Ai can help buildings and gives four possible ways:

  • Improved Decision-Making: AI helps grid operators make faster, more accurate decisions and predict potential problems, significantly speeding up planning and response times.

  • Home Energy Optimization: AI software personalizes energy usage for homes, improving efficiency and aiding utilities in energy planning.

  • Electric Vehicle Integration: AI analyzes EV charging data to optimize grid load, balancing the increased demand EVs bring to the grid.

  • Disaster Prevention: AI assists in infrastructure management, such as inspecting transmission lines, predicting maintenance needs, and forecasting grid failures due to extreme weather, enhancing the grid's resilience.

Read the full article here.


We're excited to continue this journey with you, by sharing news and insights on sustainability and progressing our path toward a better future. Stay tuned for our newsletter next month.

Best Regards,

Nabil Rezqui

GEMM Energy


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