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Case Studies

GEMM's Impact

GEMM delivers top-tier services to a diverse range of property owners. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction coupled with our innovative solutions, has placed us at the forefront of the industry. 

We take immense pride in empowering building owners with sustainable and resilient energy systems that not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future


Industry: Education

Challenge: Tackling High Energy Costs & Enhancing Student Health and Safety

Strategy: NYSERDA-Funded Energy Studies

Anticipated Outcome: Cost Savings and Improved Learning Environments 


Industry: Multi-family

Challenge: Energy Costs & BEPS Fines

Solution: Detailed Energy Study and Sustainable Energy Plan

Anticipated Outcome: Up to 78% Energy Reduction, Significant Cost Savings & No Fines


Challenge: Battling Spiraling Energy Costs in Commercial Sector

Strategy: Energy Audit Conducted, Leading to a Plan for Full Building Electrification

Anticipated Outcome: 38% Energy Cut, and Steady Cash Flow from Get-Go

Industry: Multi-family

Challenge: Surging Energy Costs and Fines

Solution: Rigorous Energy Study and Geothermal System

Anticipated Outcome: Up to 93% Energy Reduction, Cost Savings & No Fines


Industry: Multi-family

Challenge: Energy Costs & BEPS Fines

Strategy: Implement a thorough Energy Study for Sustainable Solutions

Anticipated Outcome: Substantial Cost Savings, Positive Cash Flow, Decrease Energy Usage by 66%, No Fines


Challenge: Energy Costs & BEPS Fines

Strategy: Master Plan for Full Building Electrification

Anticipated Outcome: Notable Reduction in Energy Costs and Evasion of BEPS Fines Across Multiple Cycles for 1200 G Office Building

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